python week 10 quiz solutions 2020,python programming week 10 solutions
Python Week 10 Quiz Solutions 

Python Week 10 Quiz Solutions

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Python Week 10 Quiz Solutions

1. In a binary search algorithm, Which is the best case scenario:-

  • (a): O(1)
  • (b): O(log n)
  • (c): O(n)
  • (d): O(n/2)

Answer: (a) O(1)

2. O(1) is best case performance of binary search

  • (a): True
  • (b): False
Answer:(a) True

3. Which is incorrect in case of tower of hanoi

  • (a): It Consists of three rods
  • (b): Only one disk can move at a time
  • (c): any disk disk can be moved on to any one
  • (d): Non of the above

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Answer:(d) None of the above

4. How many steps does it take to complete tower of hanoi, if there are 5 disks : -

  • (a): 29
  • (b): 30
  • (c): 31 
  • (d): 32
Answer: (c) 31

5.  In case of selection sort, O(n(square)) is : - 

  • (a): Best Case complexity
  • (b):  worst Case complexity
  • (c): Both 1 and 2
  • (d): None of the above
Answer: (c) Both 1 and 2

6.  How Many swaps will be performed in selection sort in best case : - 

  • (a): Zero
  • (b): one
  • (c): n-1
  • (d): n
Answer: (a)  Zero

7. Worst case compexity of merge sort is

  • (a): O(n log n)
  • (b): O(log n)
  • (c): O(n**2)
  • (d): O(log-1)

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Answer: (a) O(n log n)

8. What is true for merge sort 

Answer: (d)  All of the above 

9. Which of the following is false for binary search algorithm –

Answer: (A)  Array must be in sorted order

10. In recursion,

Answer: (c)  Both 1 and 2

11. In recursion,

Answer: (b) Code is always efficient compare to iterative approach of the same.

12. In tower of hanoi if there are only two disks, then –

Answer: (b)  Three steps required to solve it

13. In tower of hanoi, larger disk will be always at the bottom of the rod

  • (a): True
  • (b): False
Answer: (a) True

14. Which of the following is false for selection sort

Answer: (c)  It is suitable for large data sets

15.  Merge sort was invented by John von Neumann in 1947 –

Answer: (b) False

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